Vision Consulting Group provides full service consultation, coaching and implementation across nearly every aspect of business.

"Typically we begin our process with a conversation. A conversation to determine where and how we might add our expertise to your expertise, to improve your results. However, if you'd prefer, we're happy to conduct a typical consultative review of one or more areas of your enterprise. You decide. We don't "sell" you our plan for your business. We become a part of your plan for your business." - David Kraft

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STARTUP AND EARLY STAGE COMPANIES                          

Phase 1-3 Startups in the process of pursuing capital; in need of interim contract-level executive support; seeking data, research or analysis (financial, operational or market related)

- OUR RESULTS: Our Senior Team led a manufacturing startup to a 324% INCREASE in revenue and a 66.40% DECREASE in manufacturing costs. 



Privately held businesses >$1MM in revenue seeking operational support, profitability improvement, marketing support, navigational data, research, or financial review. - Our Senior Team has led multiple turnaraound and improvement based initiatives for established businesses.

- OUR RESULTS: A recent established business project improved operating efficiency in a mature company, within a mature industry, to the result of an additional $110k+ of profitability on $2.4MM in revenue. 



Private or Public enterprise, regardless of revenue / size, seeking truly UN-BIASED 3rd party due diligence on the buy side; or target opportunity analysis / valuation analysis on the sell side.

- OUR RESULTS: Our Senior Team has led the buy side AND the sell side of transactional movements over multiple decades. Our expertise in these areas is well established and highly effective.