David Kraft Michelle Kraft 

David R. Kraft, President - CEO: David was born in Sarasota, Florida and grew up in an entrepreneurial family. He has been married to Michelle for a long time and together they have five wonderful daughters. :) He's a 4th generation serial entrepreneur and believes that the PEOPLE in a business are BY FAR the most valuable component. David relentlessly searches for ways to improve performance in organizations and people, and to say that he is a relationship-builder would be a massive understatement! David is an inspiring speaker and loves to help organizations and individuals develop / cast vision for the future. His multi-industry experience spans more than 25 years and his results are undeniable. 
Michelle Kraft, Co-founder - CMO: Michelle is a Florida native, a mother of 5 daughters, and has been married to David for a long time 😊. She is a Cognitive Success Coach, a corporate team builder, and in her own words a “believer in every person”. Her greatest strengths lie in empowering others to reach their full potential. Whether in a small-business, corporate, or not-for-profit venue, Michelle is an extremely engaging speaker who believes it is better to inspire than to motivate. Possessing a genuine passion for seeing people achieve their personal definition of success, Michelle is a valuable coach/trainer for teams and individuals desiring to see change.