David Kraft Michelle Kraft 

David R. Kraft, Founder - Chief Executive Officer - Shareholder
David was born in Sarasota, Florida and grew up in an entrepreneurial family. He has been married to Michelle for a long time and together they have five wonderful daughters. :) He's a 4th generation serial entrepreneur and believes that the PEOPLE in a business are BY FAR the most valuable component. David relentlessly searches for ways to improve performance in organizations and people, and to say that he is a relationship-builder would be a massive understatement! David is an inspiring speaker and loves to help organizations and individuals develop / cast vision for the future. His multi-industry experience spans more than 25 years and his results are undeniable. 


Michelle Kraft, Co-Founder - Chief Marketing Officer - Shareholder
Michelle is a Florida native, a mother of 5 daughters, and has been married to David for a long time 😊. She is a Cognitive Success Coach, a corporate team builder, and in her own words a “believer in every person”. Her greatest strengths lie in empowering others to reach their full potential. Whether in a small-business, corporate, or not-for-profit venue, Michelle is an extremely engaging speaker who believes it is better to inspire than to motivate. Possessing a genuine passion for seeing people achieve their personal definition of success, Michelle is a valuable coach/trainer for teams and individuals desiring to see change.


Mageda Lechtner Vision Consulting Group

Mageda Lechtner, Senior Consultant - Shareholder - M.S., Management, M.A., Intl. Business, B.S., Psychology, B.A., Philosophy, CSSBB:
Magi was born in Miami, FL but was raised in Quito, Ecuador; due to this global upbringing, she speaks English and Spanish fluently, and has a conversational understanding of Arabic. She is a University of Florida graduate with a proven track record of delivering results by launching competitive solutions through the use of Lean Six Sigma methodology (Black Belt certified), leading organizational restructuring efforts and optimizing flow. Magi has collaborated with organizations from small start-ups, to industry giants like Amazon.com, before transferring her skill set to the consulting arena. Labor management, training, SOP creation and implementation, fulfillment processes, systems, software implementation, KPI/SLA, as well as quality and safety compliance are all in her repertoire. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling the world, playing classical piano, and spending time with her 3 canine babies and her husband, Zac. Most importantly Magi has a deep understanding of what it means to be relational, and is passionate about forging friendships and partnerships with the clients and businesses with which she interacts, helping them to achieve...their future, accelerated.


Mike Aemisegger Vision Consulting Group 2

Mike R. Aemisegger, Jr. - Senior Consultant - B.S., Accounting, CPA:

Mike Aemisegger, was born in Seattle Washington and moved to Sarasota in 1997. Graduating from USF Sarasota with a B.S. in Accounting, Mike quickly hit the ground running joining a local accounting firm specializing in small business management and consulting, financial statement preparation, taxation, bookkeeping, and payroll. Setting his sights high, he moved on to work in internal audit with a Big 4 accounting firm specializing in media and entertainment. Mike’s passion for small businesses, attention to detail, efficiency, critical thinking skills and never say die attitude allow him to look at any given situation from the big picture and execute a quality solution.

Joseph Beaudoin Vision Consulting Group 1

Joseph Beaudoin - Senior Consultant - SHRM-SCP: 
Joseph moved to Florida via Ohio thirteen years ago and despite the fact that every insect and animal in Florida bites, stings, or wants to eat you, he considers himself an official Floridian and has no desire to return to the cold weather and snow. Joseph began his career in Human Resources over twenty-two years ago while working with military families at Wright-Patterson AFB and has since worked for several fortune 500 companies as an HR Director, HR Manager, and Senior HR Generalist. Joseph founded OolaHR and HumblyHR to assist small to medium sized companies in all things human resources. Having been a small business owner himself, Joseph has a heart and huge compassion for small business owners and has a reputation for going above and beyond expectations. Working in a consultative capacity allows Joseph to think outside the box and retain creative control over how he serves his clients. Joseph and his wife have adopted four children from our local foster care organization and have a desire to make a difference in the world, including each and every small business owner.

Anthony Szula Vision Consulting Group

Anthony Szula - Associate Consultant - B.A., Enterprise Leadership, B.A., Communication Studies :
Anthony Szula, was born and raised in Dekalb, Illinois and is in the process of relocating to Sarasota (Summer – 2019). He is a graduate of  the University of Iowa with a passion for learning anything and everything about entrepreneurship and a deep commitment to continuous improvement. With several years of experience in management and customer service in a family owned business, his background is - as with all Vision Consulting Group Team Members - small business. Having witnessed his family’s successes and failures, Anthony now considers the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams - and maintain them - as a deeper meaning in his life; more than money or any other tangibles, this brings him fulfillment. His expertise in business modeling, finance, marketing, business management, and communications has been a great asset to the clients with whom he has worked. As an athlete and coach, Anthony developed the ability to always learn from every perspective, always be a student of the game, and to always work hard to become an expert. He is a consumer of knowledge and one who truly listens to hear rather than to respond. Taking in the big picture, Anthony is motivated by the finished product and he is relentless in his pursuit of helping businessowners achieve their goals.