Consulting Services for Business Owners on a Mission


Vision Consulting Group provides full service consultation, coaching and implementation across nearly every aspect of business.

"Typically we begin our process with a conversation. A conversation to determine where and how we might add our expertise to your expertise, to improve your results. However, if you'd prefer, we're happy to conduct a typical consultative review of one or more areas of your enterprise. You decide. We don't "sell" you our plan for your business. We become a part of your plan for your business." - David Kraft


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A Note From Our Founders 

In May of 2014 Vision Consulting Group, Inc., a new kind of consulting firm, was born. Our goal was simple: To be a help to those who've chosen one of the most challenging careers in existence: business ownership. We set our sights on becoming a partner for entrepreneurs and business owners, one who would completely understand and one who would support in a way no one else really could. And so that's what we've done. :)

For over 50 years our family has bought and sold, owned and operated, and won and lost, in business on the Suncoast of Florida. It's not always been easy, but nothing worth having ever will be. Everything we've learned and more we're now making available to our clients.

In the same way a coach or trainer contributes to superior athletic performance, we contribute to superior business performance. We firmly believe that the best way for us to accomplish this is to build strong relationships with our clients so that we can help them dynamically drive the momentum for change. Today's business owner requires the kind of organizational change that comes from sound business principles combined with sound change management principles. By helping to actually implement change - shoulder to shoulder - with our clients, we get results others simply can't achieve. 

Our tagline is appropriately: "Your Future: Accelerated". Every day we strive to do just that for every person, team, and business with whom we interact.

To Your Success,

David and Michelle Kraft

Here's what some of our clients are saying...

"When I first spoke with Vision Consulting Group, I really didn't understand how they could help me. However, when all was said and done, the project went very well, they were easy to work with, and I have since referred their services to a number of fellow business owners." - Stephen M.

"After being in business for 40 years, Vision Consulting Group has benefitted our business in a dynamic way. David and Michelle personally implemented an employee assessment program with our leadership team. This has helped place people in their ideal place of passion- (not to mention saving money by knowing how to hire the right people!) - so that employees can be personally fulfilled, and we can all enjoy growing and prospering together. Vision Consulting walked us through the process -- hands on, teaching us and then giving us the tools to continue on our own. Now that’s true leadership! I highly recommend Vision Consulting Group for the growth of your business." - Mary Lou E. 

“Using Vision Consulting's services has been a game changer in my company. They have helped reignite the passion inside of me that had gotten buried underneath tedious work that I did not enjoy, while at the same time focusing me on what I love. When I started working with Vision Consulting, I could not believe how dedicated they were to my company. It was almost like gaining a partner that I so desperately needed. I appreciate all they do, and I will continue to work with them as long as possible.” - Ryan B.

Vision Consulting Group did a very nice job helping us synthesize and assess our ideas, allowing us to move to the next step in our business concept. The Vision team was also very engaged throughout the process, fun to work with, and completed the project in a timely manner.” - Ruben & Roberta B.  

"Vision Consulting Group targets the keys to your specific success by implementing practical steps at whatever pace you desire. Vision Consulting Group, without a doubt, will take the client wherever they choose to go and will set them up for extreme entrepreneurial prosperity!" - Evan S.

If it weren’t for Vision Consulting Group I would be dead in the water. In just a small period of time, they have reignited my enthusiasm in my product and confirmed for me that I'm in the right hands. So far, they are under promising and over delivering!” - Matt H.